First Day Jitters


I’m having Meet the Teacher tonight at my school, and I am just jittery this morning.  No, I don’t even drink coffee!  I am buzzing with all the thoughts in my head, trying to remember the important things and knowing I have a morning full of meetings where I can’t exactly do the things on my mind.

Lord, be with me and guide my steps!  Calm my spirit and let me not get all tangled up in others’ anxious feelings.  Help me stay on task and relax.  I thank you that I love this time of year.  Help me relax in the joy of it.

I do need to get my blood pressure pills going this morning!


Here’s what we have cooking for the kids’ last week before school:

Whole Chicken in a crock pot (with potatoes and carrots)

Mini Chicken Pot Pies (in muffin tins)

Beef Taco Soup

Meat Rolls

Homemade Pizza

Orange Chicken


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