Diva Challenge #214—An Iris Tangle


iris tangle

Finally I got my tangle done for the Diva Challenge #214, which was to make an Earth Day challenge. The irises have been blooming like crazy for the last few weeks and using that shape to tangle within was an idea that was already rattling around in my head. This seemed to fit into the “Earth Day/Amanda Day” theme. Check out her adorable explanation of the Earth being named Amanda.  🙂 I’ll admit this was not a quick project, it’s one that I wanted to spend some time on!

Here are the patterns I used:
Top of the iris—the “standards” of the iris—Tagh and Zippee
The bottom of the iris—the falls—Florz and Flux
The stem—Annee
The leaves—-Chainlea

The rest of it is stuff I just made up as I went along. I used black pens of different sizes, and some colored pencils to add in the color.  I am pleased!


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